The contract is between Al’s Rent-a-car herein called Lessor, and the renter herein called Lessee.


  1. The Lessee acknowledges that the Vehicle described in this contract(herein referred to as the Vehicle) is the property of the Lessor.


  1. The Lessor leases the Vehicle to the Lessee in its present condition and to Lessee’s entire satisfaction at the rate set forth on the reverse hereof Lessor make no express or implied warranty as to any matter whatsoever including, without limitation, the condition of the Vehicle and its equipment or its fitness for any particular purpose.


  2. The Lessee acknowledges the delivery of the Vehicle free from damage except as is specifically noted in this Rental Contract and undertakes to return the Vehicle in the same condition as received.


  3. The Lessee agrees to pay the Lessor an amount equal to the cost of repairing to the satisfaction of the Lessor any damage to the Vehicle from any cause which occurs after its delivery to the Lessee and before its return to the Lessor unless the Lessee initials and pays for the optional Collision Damage Waiver on the reverse side of the Contract.


  4. Gasoline used and not replaced by the Lessee will be charged to Lessee at current rate prevailing.


  5. The Lessee shall pay to the Lessor the amount of any additional rental immediately upon return of the Vehicle to the Lessor, over and above the deposit made, after deduction made from deposit for loss or damage.


  6. The Lessee agrees to return the Vehicle to the Lessor promptly at the time specified or either upon the demand of the Lessor and to immediately pay all charge provided for herein.


  7. If the Lessee does not return the Vehicle at the time specified for any reason whatsoever the protection of the insurance will not be extended to the Lessee, and the Lessor, without demand or notice, may take immediate possession of the Vehicle wherever found and without the assistance of any public authority.


  8. The Lessee agrees not to use the Vehicle will be driven only by the Lessee or by the Additional Driver(s) whose name(s) appear(s) on this Rental Contract.


  9. The Lessee agrees not to use the Vehicle in violation of any law or traffic regulations or in any manner hazardous to public safety.


  10. The Lessee agrees that the Vehicle will not be operated by anyone under the age of 25 years of age or in an illegal, reckless or otherwise abusive manner, or by any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or violation of any provision of this Rental Contract, or to propel or tow any other vehicle or device or for any illicit or prohibited trade or transportation, or for carrying passengers for hire.


  11. The Lessee undertakes to immediately advise the Lessor by telephone or in the absence of such means of communication, in the most rapid manner possible of any mechanical defect which interferes with the safe operation of the Vehicle and to immediately cease operating the Vehicle and also to report immediately to the Police and to Lessor within 24 hours after the theft or accident involving the Vehicle and the Lessor shall forward immediately to the Lessor every write, letter, document or advise received by the Lessee from or on behalf of any claimant and fully co-operate with the Lessor’s insurers and the Lessor in all matters connected with the investigation of and with the defense of any claim or suit.


  12. The Lessee shall at all times hold the Lessor harmless against all claims and suits and actions arising out of the Lessee’s renting or operation of the Vehicle. It is agreed that the Lessor is not responsible for injuries sustained by the Lessee, driver(s) or passenger(s), including injuries, which may arise out of the sole negligence of the Lessor.


  13. If the Lessor employs an attorney or a collection agency to enforce any part of this Rental Contract, the amount of the claim of the Lessor against the Lessee will be increase by the reasonable attorney’s fees for additional cost incurred.


  14. Lessee is fully liable for the Vehicle including, but not limited to the retail value for the Vehicle, in excellent condition, and any all claims for “down time/loss of use” for up to (30) days. Lessee is fully liable for the Vehicle, whether the Vehicle is stolen or damage by reason of abuse, act of Nature, collision, fire, gross negligence, theft and/or vandalism, regardless of who is “at fault”. However, if Lessee has accepted and paid for the Collision Damage Waiver, Lessor will waive its claims against Lessee for collision damage to the car except for collision damage to glass, tires and rims. Any breach of this Rental Agreement renders the Collision Damage Waiver null and void. The Collision Damage Waiver is not insurance.


  1. The Third Party Liability insurance is mandatory. The Lessee releases the Lessor from any Third Party damages.
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